MEDOC provides a HelioViewer server with a full mirror of the data, accessible via the HelioViewer web app and by choosing the "IAS" server in the JHelioViewer client. HelioViewer also provides an API. The MEDOC HelioViewer server and API are used by external tools, such as the CDPP Propagation Tool, the IDL/SolarSoft "hv" API client and SunGlobe visualization tool, and the Python hvpy API client.

The FESTIVAL tool allows the combined visualization of different data sets from science-level FITS files.

Solar flare predictions

MEDOC hosts the FLARECAST flare forecasting interface (for access to FLARECAST data, see the Data page).


Software to support data analysis

Data analysis is usually done with the SolarSoft (IDL) or SunPy (Python) librairies, which are developed by the solar physics community, including contributions from MEDOC staff. In addition, MEDOC provides the following stand-alone softwares:



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