Missions & Activities

    IDOC depend on an institute of the National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS) that organises  the whole French research, the first research organization in the world with more than 30 000 employees.​
    IDOC depend on Université Paris Saclay, first french university in the shanghai ranking​

    IDOC is recognized as a data platform by CNRS​

    IDOC is recognized as a long term archive by CNES, the french space agency​

    IDOC is part of an OSU, a perennial structure in charge precisely of observation services (see the official assignments here: https://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/loda/article_lc/LEGIARTI000027866130/2020...).​

  Operations of the new instrument is integrated in IDOC infrastructure taking into account the constraints of the instrument. Level of automated processes, software modularity and attribution of different tasks to adequate staff reflect a successful integration.

Dataset management gathers the following services that IDOC might implement:

    Dataset integration is the service called when an existing external dataset is to be integrated in the IDOC infrastructure. As this external dataset might not be complete, organized, documented, processes are applied to mitigate these defects.

    Dataset creation is the service called when a dataset is to be built in the IDOC infrastructure. It can be from level 0 data or from a dataset already hosted at IDOC. This service thus includes all applications, pipelines than can operate on a dataset to build another dataset.

    Dataset dissemination is the service in which an application is built to allow users to access a dataset hosted at IDOC. This application can be a simple interface to request a database but might also allow users to trigger added value processing of a part of the dataset.

    Dataset archive deals with the long term preservation of a dataset hosted at IDOC.

IDOC's two supervisory authorities depend on the Ministry of Research, which has made commitments in terms of open science:


The CNRS also in particular with its Roadmap for Open Science 2019 : https://www.science-ouverte.cnrs.fr/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/CNRS_Roadmap_Open_Science_18nov2019.pdf and its Plan for Research Data 2020: https://www.science-ouverte.cnrs.fr/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Plaquette...



To achieve these projects IDOC must :

Maintain operating parameters

  • Respect of engagements (and beyond)
  • Instruments technical and scientific datas

Maintain Infrastructure

  • Communication and systems security
  • Data high availability, backups, contingency plan

Problem management

  • Automated as much as possible
  • Appropriate skills at appropriate levels

Manage exceptions Inform

  • Ensure visibility
  • Adapt information to public