IDOC VO Services

IDOC registered VO services

Taking advantage of the advanced features of SITools2, we published some catalogs and some images under VO Services.

We have defined a global naming authority which is the root of the naming of the resources from IDOC : IVOA identifier: ivo://idoc [Authority]

We've got a secondary level of authorities wich specifies a branch of VO servcies corresponding to the same field. The one we have have created for the moment is the GINCO authority.

GINCO is a center for expertise for several space, balloon and ground mission. It has an important role in data processing, distribution and interpretation, for several astronomy missions at long wavelength. In this matter, GINCO : develops and maintains high level analysis pipelines develops and maintains data archives & access develops, maintains and distribute high level software for data analysis offers scientific expertise for mission using long wavelength detectors plays an important role in education and outreach to the general public.

Two organisations (euro-vo naming) have been defined below GINCO: HESIOD and SZ-CLUSTER.

HESIOD is the Herschel  IdOc Database wich provide all data for the Herschel SPIRE and PACS guaranted time program on Interstellar Medium (SAG-4) and other public data processed at IDOC. All data have been reprocessed at IDOC using advanded reprocessing pipeline, such as customized pipelines, super resolution (SUPREME), or maximum likelihood mapmakers (SANEPIC). 

HESIOD (HErSchel IdOc Database) is the first provider of Herschel SPIRE and PACS data, to be fully accessible from the Virtual Observatory (VO). These maps are available through the HESIOD portal as well as from any VO tool, such as Aladin.

VO services for HESIOD are SPIRE and PACS SImple Image Access services (regular SAI and cutout SIA).

SZCluster  provides access to IDOC catalogues and complementary information on clusters of galaxies observed through the Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) effect.

Example of using HESIOD data (SPIRE Photometry) for Herschel Planck comparison through Aladin.

Herschel Plank comparison through Aladin

VO IDOC documentation:

  • IVOA Heidelberg  june 2013 (HESIOD SITools2 and VO) : pdf
  • ASOV Observatoire de Paris january 2014 (HESIOD SITools2 and VO) :  pdf
  • ADASS October 2014 : Poster pdf
  • ASOV Hackaton September 2015 (SITools2_VO_TAP_IDOC) :  pdf
  • Poster JDEV 2015 : pdf
  • Fiche Projet Visu3D-OV :  pdf
    Présentation Projet Visu3D-OV :  pdf
  • IVOA Trieste october 2016 ( Data interfaces and services at IDOC) : pdf
  • Rex Comparaison Validateurs Services et VOTables - Semi-Hack-a-Thon Paris april 2018 : pdf

Contacts: Marian Douspis, Karin Dassas, Hervé Ballans