HESIOD (HErSchel IdOc Database) is the first provider of Herschel space observatory data to be fully accessible from the astronomical Virtual Observatory (VO). These maps are available through the HESIOD portal as well as from any VO tool, such as Aladin.


HESIOD is delivering data reprocessed by IDOC from many Herschel programs investigated by researchers at IAS, in particular the Herschel/SPIRE Guaranteed Time Program on Interstellar Medium. The public data of HESIOD are now accessible on the VO.


VO tools allow to easily retrieve public data and, for instance, to compare Herschel maps to other instruments maps and to overlay sources catalogs. The following picture gives a comparison in Aladin between Planck and Herschel maps, with SIMBAD sources present in the Polaris field.


HESIOD is based on SITools2, a new generic tool performed by a joint effort between CNES and space research laboratories. The aim of SITools2 is to provide a self-manageable data access layer deployed on already existing scientific laboratory databases. It is a secure client/server application allowing user and data sources management and access through a Web 2.0 interface.


CNES and IDOC at IAS are collaborating in defining and implementing the needed layers and plugins for astronomy, such as web services for VO interoperability, advanced research forms with name resolvers and map extractors.


HESIOD also provides data for all Herschel observing programs from IAS or associated researchers, reprocessed using an updated pipeline, or high level processing such as customized pipelines, super resolution (SUPREME), or maximum likelihood mapmakers (SANEPIC).


IDOC data from other missions SDO and Planck / SZCluster are also available through SItools2.