BASS2000-Tarbes: current status and THEMIS data processing .

TitreBASS2000-Tarbes: current status and THEMIS data processing .
Type de publicationJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuteursMeunier, N., Lafon M., Maeght P., Grimaud F., and Roudier T.
JournalMemorie de la Societa Astronomico Italiana

I will review the history and status of the data archive BASS2000 and will concentrate my presentation on the BASS2000-Tarbes data base, which contains a very large volume of THEMIS data, i.e. spectropolarimetric data. I will insist the implementation of the processing of MTR-THEMIS (multi-line spectropolarimetry) data by the BASS2000 team, which has been our main project in 2006. New data levels are Stokes profiles and clean spectra, maps of continuum intensity and line-center intensity, Dopplergrams, magnetograms and vector magnetic field maps. I will also present the tools and services that we are providing.