The SDO data centre at IDOC/MEDOC in France

TitreThe SDO data centre at IDOC/MEDOC in France
Type de publicationConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuteursParenti, S., Bocchialini K., Soubrie E., Auchère F., Ballans H., Buchlin E., Gabriel A., Mercier C., Poulleau G., and Vial J.-C.
Conference Name38th COSPAR Scientific Assembly

The IDOC/MEDOC centre at the Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS, Université Paris 11/CNRS) has a long experience in solar data archiving and distribution, including almost 15 years of data from SOHO, STEREO and TRACE. The center is now expanding its activity and becoming a P{#710}le Thématique Solaire of the CNES and INSU/CNRS. Part of the new activities of the centre will be linked to the arrival of the enormous volume of the new SDO data. The center will be one of the three European centers to receive and redistribute the data to the community. It will also be the only European site to permanently store about 10% of the data (mainly from AIA). In continuity with its previous activities, SDO data will be included in the data visualization tool FESTIVAL and it will provide new services, like tools for the solar feature identification (filaments, EUV intensity fluctuations). We will present an overview of the facilities and activities of the centre in relation to the SDO data.