Multi Experiment Data & Operation Center

MEDOC is a National Center for Space Solar Physics Data, approved by CNES, in the frame of an agreement between CNRS/INSU, Université Paris-Sud and CNES. MEDOC is located at Orsay.

It was initially created (in 1995) and developed as a european data and operation center for the SOHO mission. Later, it got enriched with new data from other space based solar observations from TRACE (NASA), Spirit/CORONAS (Russian Federal Space Agency), STEREO (NASA). It became a national data center in 2012 and in parallel continued to enrich its data contents with AIA/SDO, Picard (CNES) and a close future should see data from Solar Orbiter included in MEDOC (a summary of the instruments -and their main characteristics- which data are available at MEDOC can be found here). MEDOC is more than a repository for data. First, it also operates some instruments observing the Sun (such as SOHO observation campaigns). Second, the scientists from the Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale, which hosts MEDOC, have a good expertise about most of the instruments which data are available at MEDOC and can provide some valuable information about the use and interpretation of these data (use the contact link below). Finally, some products with added values and other services are also available at MEDOC, such as visualization tools, interpretation tools (plasma parameter diagnostic for example) or software and models to help analyzing and interpreting the data.

MEDOC is also open on the whole scientific community and has for natural partners the Centre de Données de Physique des Plasmas and BASS2000.


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