Philippe Lemaire's celebration


In honour of Philippe LEMAIRE’s Retirement

18-19 November 2004


Day 1

14.00 : Introduction, J.-L. PUGET

14.10 : Lemaire’s Contribution to Space Solar UV Spectroscopy, R.-M. BONNET

14.40 : The beginning of the Space Solar Program in France, J.-C. PECKER

14.50 : Philippe and the first solar balloon U.V. experiments, D. SAMAIN

15.10 : Rasolba, LPSP’s stratospheric balloon gondola and instrument : a human adventure , A. LABEQUE

15.30 : Some hidden aspects of Philippe LEMAIRE, Ph. BOUYRIES

15.35 : The OSO 8 years, J.-C. VIAL

15.45 : The standpoint of a Technical Director, G. GUYOT

16.20 : Remarks on the history of SUMER and the detection of two-photon emission from the Sun, K. WILHELM

16.50 : The early days of SOHO operations at the EOF, A. POLAND

17.10 : SUMER Operations from MEDOC,  K. BOCCHIALINI

17.15 : Coordinated prominence observations between SUMER and GBO from MEDOC,  B. SCHMIEDER

17.45 : SUMER and CDS : Companions on SOHO and R. HARRISON Message, D. PIKE

18.05 : The importance of SUMER for SOHO Science (movie 1, movie 2, movie 3), P. BREKKE

18.20 : Audio Conference with Boulderites, A. JOUCHOUX, J. LEIBACHER


Day 2

9.00 : Radiometry in Space Astronomy : Tying celestial sources to laboratory standards (slide 11 - missing in presentation), M. HUBER

9.20 : Cleanliness and Calibration Stability of UV instruments on SOHO, U. SCHUEHLE

9.35 : Evidence of in-situ energy release during microflares, W. CURDT

9.50 : Signatures of Nanoflares and Turbulence, E. BUCHLIN

10.05 : The search for signatures of ion cyclotron resonance in the low corona, L. DOLLA

10.20 : SUMER and the Doppler dimming technique, A. GABRIEL

10.30 : Solar Prominence Properties derived from the UV-EUV SUMER spectral atlas, S. PARENTI

11.10 : On the outflow at solar coronal heights, T. AIOUAZ

11.25 : Magnetic and Velocity Fields in the Solar Corona, N. RAOUAFI

11.40 : The birth of space asteroseismology in France and F. Praderie message, C. CATALA

11.55 : Inversion of the rotation profile for solar-like stars, J. LOCHARD

12.10 : IFTSUV : an imaging Fourier transform spectrograph in the U.V., A. MILLARD