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IPOD provides data access, data tutorial and data products of different instruments aboard various planetary missions through a new service PSUP.

Current Missions:

  • OMEGA/Mars Express
    1. The Noachian crust exhibits globally distributed alteration to a variety of phyllosilicates, indicating the presence of water at neutral pH providing potentially habitable conditions
    2. Identification and mapping of sulfate-rich deposits of late Noachian/Hesperian ages
    3. The alteration mineralogy changed from phyllosilicate-bearing to sulfate-bearing deposits. The variation in mineralogy indicate a more arid and acidic environment with time
    4. Identification and mapping of various igneous minerals indicating complex formation and evolution of the crust and of volcanic provinces
    5. There is no evidence for extensive involvement of surface water in generating hydrated or hydroxylated minerals during the Amazonian period
    6. Direct detection of mesospheric CO2 ice and H2O ice clouds
    7. First detection of O2 1.27 μm nightglow emission and comparison with general circulation model
    8. Water cycle was constrained thanks to mapping and monitoring water in polar caps, frosts and atmosphere
    9. Global mapping of anhydrous minerals
    10. Olivine global distribution and new constraints on the magmatic and volcanic evolution





Future Missions:


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