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Oscillatory motions observed in eruptive filaments, Bocchialini, K., Baudin F., Koutchmy S., Pouget G., and Solomon J. , Astronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 533, p.A96, (2011)
Cycle effects on low-degree p-modes: results from GOLF, Boumier, P., Lochard J., Thiery S., Baudin F., Gabriel A. H., Grec G., and Renaud C. , From Solar Min to Max: Half a Solar Cycle with SOHO, Jun, Volume 508, p.67-70, (2002)
A search for solar g modes in the GOLF data, Gabriel, A. H., Baudin F., Boumier P., García R. A., Turck-Chièze S., Appourchaux T., Bertello L., Berthomieu G., Charra J., Gough D. O., et al. , Astronomy and Astrophysics, Aug, Volume 390, p.1119-1131, (2002)