Planck pre-launch status: HFI ground calibration

TitlePlanck pre-launch status: HFI ground calibration
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsPajot, F., Ade P. a. R., Beney J.-L., Bréelle E., Broszkiewicz D., Camus P., Carabétian C., Catalano A., Chardin A., Charra M., Charra J., Cizeron R., Couchot F., Coulais A., Crill B. P., Dassas K., Daubin J., de Bernardis P., de Marcillac P., Delouis J.-M., Désert F.-X., Duret P., Eng P., Evesque C., Fourmond J.-J., François S., Giard M., Giraud-Héraud Y., Guglielmi L., Guyot G., Haissinski J., Henrot-Versillé S., Hervier V., Holmes W., Jones W. C., Lamarre J.-M., Lami P., Lange a. E., Lefebvre M., Leriche B., Leroy C., Macias-Perez J., Maciaszek T., Maffei B., Mahendran A., Mansoux B., Marty C., Masi S., Mercier C., Miville-Deschênes M.-a., Montier L., Nicolas C., Noviello F., Perdereau O., Piacentini F., Piat M., Plaszczynski S., Pointecouteau E., Pons R., Ponthieu N., Puget J.-L., Rambaud D., Renault C., Renault J.-C., Rioux C., Ristorcelli I., Rosset C., Savini G., Sudiwala R., Torre J.-P., Tristram M., Vallée D., Veneziani M., and Yvon D.
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics
Date Publishedsep

Context. The Planck satellite was successfully launched on May 14th 2009. We have completed the pre-launch calibration measurements of the High Frequency Instrument (HFI) on board Planck and their processing. Aims: We present the results ot the pre-launch calibration of HFI in which we have multiple objectives. First, we determine instrumental parameters that cannot be measured in-flight and predict parameters that can. Second, we take the opportunity to operate and understand the instrument under a wide range of anticipated operating conditions. Finally, we estimate the performance of the instrument built. Methods: We obtained our pre-launch calibration results by characterising the component and subsystems, then by calibrating the focal plane at IAS (Orsay) in the Saturne simulator, and later from the tests at the satellite level carried out in the CSL (Liège) cryogenic vacuum chamber. We developed models to estimate the instrument pre-launch parameters when no measurement could be performed. Results: We reliably measure the Planck-HFI instrument characteristics and behaviour, and determine the flight nominal setting of all parameters. The expected in-flight performance exceeds the requirements and is close or superior to the goal specifications.