PROM5 :  computation of intensities in hydrogen lines for a 1D model of solar prominence (PRD)

Author: P. Gouttebroze (Contacts: nicolas.labrosse/at/ & Martine.Chane-Yook/at/

  • Purpose:

PROM5 is similar to PROM7, but deals with prominence models whose physical properties vary across the plane-parallel slab which represents the prominence. In particular, this allows the study of models including a cool core and a prominence-corona interface (PCI).

  • Fortran files and documentations:

doi : 10.48326/idoc.medoc.radtransfer.prom5

PROM5 is provided under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL) version 3 or any later version.

The source codes are available here (the option insuring that reals are in double precision is already included for gfortran compiler). See the README file (English, French). For more details on PROM5, see the user guide (English, French).

  • Input files (test case):
  • intinc.dat: we use the same file as PROM7 to define the incident intensities
  • model5.dat: this file is structured as follows. The first line contains the number of layers NZ and the altitude (in km) of the prominence above the solar surface. It is followed by NZ lines (one for each layer), containing 4 numbers each: temperature (K), pressure (dyn/cm2), depth (km) and microturbulent velocity (km/s). The depths are relative to a reference layer: they may be negative, but must be strictly increasing. Otherwise, negative or zero optical thicknesses would appear in the computations, causing execution failure. This file, "model5.dat", describes one half of the model only, the slab being assuming symmetrical
  • Ouput files (test case):

They are similar to PROM7 :


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