Prominence and quiet Sun spectral atlas

SOHO/SUMER spectral atlases in the 800 - 1250 A range of a prominence and a Quiet Sun (QS) region observed in 1999 are presented here.

The atlases are produced for two separate areas of the prominence and the quiet Sun. They were obtained with the high spectral resolution (0.044 A) of SOHO/SUMER. They provide information concerning more than 550 line profiles: wavelength, total radiance, and FWHM, along with the ion identification.

The content of these atlases are described here. It is made of Table 1 and Table 2 which list the lines detected, and some files (,, and, containing the information in ASCII and binary (IDL) format.

More information about these atlases can be found in: Parenti et al. 2004Parenti et al. 2005a, Parenti et al. 2005b, Parenti & Vial 2007

Contact for more details: susanna.parenti /at/

Prominence observed by SUMER in the H-Lyβ line
The vertical dashed line represents the SUMER slit position. The A_1 and A_2 are the sections of the slit where the COUNTS have been integrated to build the atlas (region A_1 and A_2 on the tables)                            


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