Multi-Instrument Study Of The Evolution Of An Active Region

TitleMulti-Instrument Study Of The Evolution Of An Active Region
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsRégnier, S., Amari T., Solomon J., Vial J. C., and Mickey D.
EditorVial, J.-C., and Kaldeich-Schü B.
Conference Name8th SOHO Workshop: Plasma Dynamics and Diagnostics in the Solar Transition Region and Corona
Date PublishedOct

We follow, for about half a solar rotation, the dynamic evolution of an acive region (AR 8151) which exhibited a single heading sunspot and a more diffuse following magnetic flux and a filament eruption on 12 February 1998 at 13:51. For longitudinal magnetic observations, we use the MDI (SoHO) magnetograph and for vector magnetic fields the IVM (Mees Solar Observatory, Hawaii). The dynamic evolution is derived from time-sequence images in the Fe XII line (195 Angstrom) from EIT (SoHO). Density and abundance diagnostic of the filament are obtained from SoHO spectrometers (CDS, SUMER).