IDOC is collaborating with CNES to develop data access and distribution frameworks.


SITools2 is a generic tool performed by a joint effort between CNES and space research laboratories. The aim of SITools2 is to provide a self-manageable data access layer deployed on already existing scientific laboratory databases. It is a secure Client/Sever application allowing User and Data sources management and access through a WEB 2.0 interface.   

CNES and IDOC at IAS have been collaborating in defining and implementing the needed layers and plugins for astronomy, such as web services for the Virtual Observatory, interoperability, advanced research forms with resolver names and map extractors.
Stitools is no longer maintained and has been superseded by REGARDS


IDOC is now in the process of testing the REGARDS framework as new framework for dissemination. It is not only dedicated to dissemination, but a focus is done one the access part in this section.

REGARDS architecture is composed of five main components corresponding more or less to the functions of the OAIS model. Those components deals with « Ingestion », « Storage », « Data management », « Administration ». and « Access ».


A cube explorer client that also reads NetCDF format (as well as FIT files), that can be integrated in web applications (and also works stand alone, with a docker client/server image to test this).