Electron density variations during ultraviolet transient events

TitleElectron density variations during ultraviolet transient events
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsTeriaca, L., Madjarska M. S., and Doyle J. G.
JournalSolar Physics
Date PublishedMay

% High-resolution temporal observations performed with the SUMER spectrometer on SOHO provide an opportunity to investigate the electron density variations in the `quiet-Sun' solar transition region due to UV transient events. Two datasets obtained in the density sensitive lines belonging to the Oiv 1400 Å multiplet were searched for such events, leading to the identification of two explosive events, on 10 July 1996 and 31 May 1997. In both cases, the Oiv 1401.16/1404.81 density-sensitive line intensity ratio shows a clear variation, corresponding to enhancements in the electron density by factors of \~ 3. This is fully consistent with recent 2.5D MHD simulations. The 10 July 1996 dataset also provided us with the opportunity to monitor the behavior of the electron density through an UV blinker. Despite an increase of a factor of two in the line intensities, no variation of the electron density was found. This suggests that the intensity enhancement is due to an increase in the filling factor.