Main Results of the SPIRIT Experiment Onboard the CORONAS-F Satellite

TitleMain Results of the SPIRIT Experiment Onboard the CORONAS-F Satellite
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsZhithik, I. A., Kuzin S. V., Sobel'Man I. I., Bugaenko O. I., Ignat'ev A. P., Mitrofanov A. V., Oparin S. N., Pertsov A. A., Slemzin V. A., Sukhodrev N. K., and Urnov A. M.
JournalSolar System Research
Date PublishedNov

The main results of the SPIRIT experiment on imaging spectroscopy of the Sun in the soft X-ray and extreme vacuum UV range are presented. The results were obtained onboard the CORONAS-F satellite, which has been operating since July 2001. More than 40 thousand observation sessions were performed during the experiment. About a million solar images and spectra (more than 250 Gb of information) were obtained, including monotemperature images of the solar atmosphere in six spectral regions, corresponding to temperatures from 0.05 to 2 MK; full-Sun spectral images (spectroheliograms) in more than 150 lines (177-207 Å and 285-335 Å, T from {\tilde}0.05 to 20 MK); images of the full Sun in the monochrome Mg XII line (8.42 Å, T {\tilde} 10 MK); images of the solar corona at a distance of up to five solar radii; continuous series (up to 20 days long) of observations with high time resolution (40-100 s); observations of the flare dynamics, including the preflare, initial, and main phases, with a resolution of 7 s, and data on the absorption of X-ray and XUV solar radiation in the upper atmosphere of the Earth. The study was performed for the maximum of the 11-year solar activity cycle and for its decrease phase.