Coronal and Interplanetary Structures Associated with Type III Bursts

TitleCoronal and Interplanetary Structures Associated with Type III Bursts
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsPick, M., Kerdraon A., Auchère F., Stenborg G., Bouteille A., and Soubrie E.
JournalSolar Physics
Date PublishedMay

This paper pursues former studies of the coronal structures that are associated with radio type III bursts by taking advantage of the new capabilities of STEREO/SECCHI. The data analysis has been performed for 02 and 03 June 2007. During these two days several type III bursts, which were detected in the corona and in the interplanetary medium, occurred during the observing time of the Nançay radioheliograph. Electron beams accelerated in the same active region and producing type III emissions almost at the same time, can propagate in different well defined coronal structures below 15 R$_{⊙}$. Then, these structures become imbedded in the same plasma sheet which can be tracked up to 0.25 AU. Inhomogeneities travel along these structures; their velocities measured between 15 and 35 R$_{⊙}$ are typical of those of a slow solar wind. Comparison with PFSS magnetic field extrapolation shows that its connection with the IP magnetic field is different from what is suggested by the present observations. These results are consistent with those obtained in the IP medium formerly by Buttighoffer ( Astron. Astrophys. 335, 295, 1998) who identified by in situ measurements at 1 AU and beyond, the sites where Langmuir waves, associated with local type III emissions, are excited.