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Can a halo CME from the limb be geoeffective?, Cid, C., Cremades H., Aran A., Mandrini C., Sanahuja B., Schmieder B., Menvielle M., Rodriguez L., Saiz E., Cerrato Y., et al. , Journal of Geophysical Research (Space Physics), Volume 117, p.11102, (2012)
Simultaneous LASCO/1998-Eclipse Observations Of A Large-Scale Polar Event, Zhukov, A., Koutchmy S., Lamy P., DelaboudinièRe J.-P., Delannée C., Bocchialini K., Guisard S., Filippov B., and Veselovsky I. , 8th SOHO Workshop: Plasma Dynamics and Diagnostics in the Solar Transition Region and Corona, Oct, Volume 446, p.731, (1999)