Cosmic rays in simulations of the solar wind

This webpage, hosted at the MEDOC data center, provides output data from MHD simulations performed using the Wind-Predict model (Réville et al. 2015, Perri et al. 2018), based on the PLUTO code (Mignone et al. 2007). They also include cosmic rays diffusion coefficients parallel and perpendicular to the magnetic field lines, computed using a Python post-processing pipeline.

Perpendicular mean free path
3D current sheet and wind velocity at solar maximum


This data-set includes 5 simulations: 3 of them performed in 2.5D and 2 of them performed in 3D. All simulations correspond to a relaxed state of the wind for a given magnetic field configuration, there is hence no time evolution.

The diffusion coefficients are computed using analytical formulae, from Zank et al. 1998 for the parallel diffusion, and from Shalchi et al. 2004 for the perpendicular diffusion. We have selected 7 rigidities for which we perform the computation, at 1, 10, 100, 445, 103, 104 and 105 MV, ranging thus from SEPs to GCRs.

More details can be found in B. Perri, A. S. Brun, A. Strugarek and V. Réville, JSWSC, Topical issue "Space climate: The past and future of solar activity" (submitted).

Data format

The data are provided using a VTK format, readable by visualization tools such as VisIt or Paraview, or programming language using the appropriate libraries. Here is a list of the physical quantities provided for each run, and the correspondance with the name used in the files:

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