Policy and Data or Services Access

In order for us to be able to report publications using IDOC to our funding agencies, please inform us and include the following text in the acknowledgements:
We recognize the use of IDOCs for the provision of data and services. IDOC support is provided by CNRS & CNES & Univ. Paris-Sud.

If you wish to be more specific to your research theme, please use this type of acknowledgement:
"This work used data provided by the MEDOC data and operations centre (CNES / CNRS / Univ. Paris-Sud), MEDOC"
We acknowledge the use of the Galaxies, INterstellar mater & COsmology (GINCO) archive for the Integrated Data & Operation Center (IDOC). Support for IDOC is provided by CNRS & CNES.

Accessing the data
Data access is mainly open and free of charge
A small part of the hosted data may be subject to a temporary embargo

             DOI's will progressively be affixed on the different data sets to allow their referencing.
             The granularity will be progressively adapted to the needs and contexts of these data.
             IDOC as a platform and root resource is referenced under the identifier : https://doi.org/10.48326/idoc