IDOC Labeled

Following the work and recommendations of the SO (Service d'Observation) and CSAA (Commission spécialisée Astronomie Astrophysique) comittees, INSU has granted 3 IAS proposals. 
The SO-5 IDOC component was labeled as a "centre régional d'expertise" with the following SO5 reference services: 

  • Long Wavelengths-IDOC (newly labeled) 

  • Medoc (already labeled)
  • Service DustEM (newly labeled) 
INSU has the mission to coordinate the "services d'observation" within OSU (Observatoire des Science de l'Univers). SO are classified in accordance with the specificity of their mission (hardware, surveys, metrology,...). The SO-5 is for example designed to coordinate the processing and archiving of data. IDOC has long shown its ability to perform, among other things, this mission, and is now recognized as a regional center of expertise SO-5.