List of instruments

This table presents the list of instruments with data archived and redistributed by MEDOC. To access the data, please visit the DATA page.
Instrument Observation period Main Data type
SOHO/CDS 1996- UV spectra
SOHO/CELIAS 1996- Particle fluxes
SOHO/COSTEP 1996- Particle fluxes
SOHO/EIT 1996- EUV disc images (at 4 wavelengths)
SOHO/ERNE 1996- Particle fluxes
SOHO/GOLF 1996- Integrated disc velocities time series
SOHO/LASCO 1996- White-light corona images
SOHO/MDI 1996-2011 Disc Dopplergrams and magnetograms
SOHO/SUMER 1996-2012 UV spectra
SOHO/SWAN 1996- UV heliosphere images
SOHO/UVCS 1996-2012 Coronal UV spectra
SOHO/VIRGO 1996- Disc-integrated photometry
TRACE 1998-2010 EUV small field-of-view images (at 7 wavelengths + WL)
CORONAS/Spirit 2001-2005 XUV disc images (at 5 wavelengths, more information)
STEREO/SECCHI 2006- EUV disc and heliosphere images
SDO/AIA 2009- EUV disc images (at 9 wavelengths)
PICARD/SODISM 2010-2014 Visible disc and limb images
PICARD/PREMOS 2010-2014 Total and spectral irradiance
PICARD/SOVAP/BOS 2010-2014 Total irradiance
PICARD-SOL/SODISM2 2010-2014 Visible disc and limb images



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