Microwave and UV observations of filaments with SOHO and the VLA

TitreMicrowave and UV observations of filaments with SOHO and the VLA
Type de publicationConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuteursAlissandrakis, C. E., Drago F., Bastian T., Bocchialini K., DelaboudinièRe J.-P., Lemaire P., Vial J.-C., Harrison R. A., and Thompson B.
ÉditeurSchmieder, B., Iniesta J. C. del Tor, and Vazquez M.
Conference Name1st Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference. Advances in Physics of Sunspots

Observations performed in coordination between SOHO instruments and ground-based observatories offer the unique possibility to derive information simultaneously in several wavelengths formed at different altitudes and/or temperatures in the solar atmosphere. The SUMER and CDS spectrometers, the imaging telescope EIT aboard SOHO, and the VLA provide complementary information in the UV and the radio ranges. We illustrate such a coordination with observations of filaments in the transition region, performed in July 1996. The observations in the UV between 10(4) and 10(6) K provide the differential emission measure as a function of temperature; this can be used to compute the expected brightness temperature in the microwave range and check models of the filament-corona transition region.