Multiwavelength analysis of an active region observed with SOHO and TRACE

TitreMultiwavelength analysis of an active region observed with SOHO and TRACE
Type de publicationConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuteursDara, H. C., Gontikakis C., Zachariadis T., Tsiropoula G., Alissandrakis C. E., and Vial J.-C.
ÉditeurSawaya-Lacoste, H.
Conference NameSolspa 2001, Proceedings of the Second Solar Cycle and Space Weather Euroconference
Date PublishedMar

We study the solar active region NOAA 8541, observed on May 15, 1999, from 13:00 to 15:00 UT, with the instruments aboard SOHO (SUMER, CDS, MDI) and TRACE. The SOHO observations produced a set of raster scans of the region with a field of view of 159''{\times}120'' for SUMER and of 244''{\times}240'' for CDS. TRACE gave a sequence of high time resolution images for a much larger (510''{\times}510'') field of view, in several spectral passbands, while MDI gave the photospheric full disk longitudinal magnetic field. The data set mainly covers the transition region and the low corona. We have used the data to construct intensity, velocity and magnetic field maps of the region. The comparison of the intensity images in various wavelengths with the velocity images, as well as with the magnetic field, gives us information about the dynamical characteristics of the observed features and their relationship to the photospheric magnetic field.