Study of coronal loops using TRACE and SOHO

TitleStudy of coronal loops using TRACE and SOHO
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsGontikakis, C., Dara H. C., Zachariadis T., Nindos A., Alissandrakis C., Tsiropoula G., and Vial J.-C.
EditorSawaya-Lacoste, H.
Conference NameSOLMAG 2002. Proceedings of the Magnetic Coupling of the Solar Atmosphere Euroconference
Date PublishedOct

We analysed coronal loops observed in many spectral lines from TRACE and SUMER, at the active region NOAA 8541, on May 15, 1999. For the loops, which are identified in a number of wavelengths, we try to combine the good temporal and spatial resolution of TRACE with the spectral information obtained by the SUMER rasters, in order to determine some physical parameters such as temperature, flow velocity and electron density. The morphology of the magnetic field of the loops is also approximated by a force-free extrapolation of the photospheric magnetic field, measured with MDI, and is compared to the loop morphology.