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Time Evolution of the Altitude of an Observed Coronal Wave, Delannée, C., Artzner G., Schmieder B., and Parenti S. , Solar Physics, Volume 289, Issue 7, p.2565-2585, (2014)
An atlas of solar events: 1996 2005, Artzner, G., Auchère F., Delaboudinière J. P., and Bougnet M. , Advances in Space Research, Jan, Volume 38, p.390-405, (2006)
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In-Flight Determination of the Plate Scale of the Extreme-Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope, Auchère, F., DeForest C. E., and Artzner G. , Astrophysical Journal Letters, Feb, Volume 529, p.L115-L117, (2000)