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Benchmarking the calculation of stochastic heating and emissivity of dust grains in the context of radiative transfer simulations, Camps, P., Misselt K., Bianchi S., Lunttila T., Pinte C., Natale G., Juvela M., Fischera J., Fitzgerald M. P., Gordon K., et al. , \aap, Volume 580, p.A87, (2015)
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The Influence of Supernova Remnants on the Interstellar Medium in the Large Magellanic Cloud Seen at 20-600 {$μ$}m Wavelengths, Lakićević, M., van Loon J. T., Meixner M., Gordon K., Bot C., Roman-Duval J., Babler B., Bolatto A., Engelbracht C., Filipović M., et al. , \apj, jan, Volume 799, p.50, (2015)
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A hidden reservoir of Fe/FeS in interstellar silicates?, Köhler, M., Jones A., and Ysard N. , \aap, may, Volume 565, p.L9, (2014)
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