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Planck intermediate results. XIV. Dust emission at millimetre wavelengths in the Galactic plane, Collaboration, Planck, Ade P. A. R., Aghanim N., Alves M. I. R., Arnaud M., Ashdown M., Atrio-Barandela F., Aumont J., Baccigalupi C., Banday A. J., et al. , \aap, apr, Volume 564, p.A45, (2014)
Planck intermediate results. XVII. Emission of dust in the diffuse interstellar medium from the far-infrared to microwave frequencies, Collaboration, Planck, Abergel a., Ade P. A. R., Aghanim N., Alves M. I. R., Aniano G., Arnaud M., Ashdown M., Aumont J., Baccigalupi C., et al. , \aap, jun, Volume 566, p.A55, (2014)
The pros and cons of the inversion method approach to derive 3D dust emission properties in the ISM: the Hi-GAL field centred on (l, b) = (30\deg, 0\deg), Traficante, A., Paladini R., Compiègne M., Alves M. I. R., Cambrésy L., Gibson S. J., Tibbs C. T., Noriega-Crespo A., Molinari S., Carey S. J., et al. , \mnras, jun, Volume 440, p.3588-3612, (2014)
A re-evaluation of dust processing in supernova shock waves, Bocchio, M., Jones A. P., and Slavin J. D. , \aap, Volume 570, p.A32, (2014)
Robust weak-lensing mass calibration of Planck galaxy clusters, von der Linden, A., Mantz A., Allen S. W., Applegate D. E., Kelly P. L., Morris R. G., Wright A., Allen M. T., Burchat P. R., Burke D. L., et al. , \mnras, sep, Volume 443, p.1973-1978, (2014)
SOFIA/FORCAST Observations of the Luminous Blue Variables in the Galactic Center, Lau, R. M., Herter T. L., Morris M., and Adams J. D. , American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts \#223, jan, Volume 223, p.#346.32, (2014)
Solar Prominences: Observations, Parenti, S. , Living Reviews in Solar Physics, Volume 11, Issue 1, (2014)
Spitzer Observations of Dust Emission from H II Regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud, Stephens, I. W., Evans J. M., Xue R., Chu Y.-H., Gruendl R. A., and Segura-Cox D. M. , \apj, apr, Volume 784, p.147, (2014)
Spitzer observations of infrared cirrus around embedded B stars, Carey, S. J. , American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts \#224, jun, Volume 224, p.#220.09, (2014)
Spitzer/Infrared Spectrograph Investigation of MIPSGAL 24 {$μ$}m Compact Bubbles: Low-resolution Observations, Nowak, M., Flagey N., Noriega-Crespo A., Billot N., Carey S. J., Paladini R., and Van Dyk S. D. , \apj, dec, Volume 796, p.116, (2014)
The SUMER Data in the SOHO Archive, Curdt, W., Germerott D., Wilhelm K., Schühle U., Teriaca L., Innes D., Bocchialini K., and Lemaire P. , Solar Physics, Volume 289, Issue 6, p.2345-2376, (2014)
Surface chemistry in the interstellar medium. II. H₂ formation on dust with random temperature fluctuations, Bron, E., Le Bourlot J., and Le Petit F. , \aap, sep, Volume 569, p.A100, (2014)
Time Evolution of the Altitude of an Observed Coronal Wave, Delannée, C., Artzner G., Schmieder B., and Parenti S. , Solar Physics, Volume 289, Issue 7, p.2565-2585, (2014)
VizieR Online Data Catalog: Galactic plane dust temperature maps with Herschel (Zhu+, 2014), Zhu, J., and Huang M. , VizieR Online Data Catalog, feb, Volume 356, p.40111, (2014)
AKARI/IRC Imaging Observations of the Merger Remnant NGC 2782, Nakamura, T., Onaka T., Kaneda H., Sakon I., Ohsawa R., and Mori T. , Proceedings of The Life Cycle of Dust in the Universe: Observations, Theory, and Laboratory Experiments (LCDU2013). 18-22 November, 2013. Taipei, Taiwan. Editors: Anja Andersen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Maarten Baes (Universiteit Gent, Belgium), p.80, (2013)
Can the Differential Emission Measure Constrain the Timescale of Energy Deposition in the Corona?, Guennou, C., Auchère F., Klimchuk J. A., Bocchialini K., and Parenti S. , The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 774, Issue 1, p.31, (2013)
Coronal Temperature Maps from Solar EUV Images: A Blind Source Separation Approach, Dudok_de_Wit, T., Moussaoui S., Guennou C., Auchère F., Cessateur G., Kretzschmar M., Vieira L. A., and Goryaev F. F. , Solar Physics, Mar, Volume 283, p.31-47, (2013)
Dust heating. Photon absorption versus electron collisions, Bocchio, M., Jones A. P., Verstraete L., Xilouris E. M., Micelotta E. R., and Bianchi S. , \aap, aug, Volume 556, p.A6, (2013)
Dust Thermal Emission in a Suspected H2-Forming, Perseus-Arm Cloud via AKARI, IRAS, and SST, Bell, A. C., Gibson S. J., Onaka T., Sakon I., Ohsawa R., Noriega-Crespo A., Reach W. T., Carey S. J., Miville-Deschenes M., Boulanger F., et al. , American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts \#221, jan, Volume 221, p.#440.08, (2013)
DustEM: Dust extinction and emission modelling, Compiègne, M., Verstraete L., Jones A., Bernard J.-P., Boulanger F., Flagey N., Le Bourlot J., Paradis D., and Ysard N. , jul, (2013)
The evolution of amorphous hydrocarbons in the ISM: dust modelling from a new vantage point, Jones, A. P., Fanciullo L., Köhler M., Verstraete L., Guillet V., Bocchio M., and Ysard N. , \aap, oct, Volume 558, p.A62, (2013)
Evolution of dust properties inside molecular clouds from coreshine modelling, Lefèvre, C., Pagani L., Juvela M., and Paladini R. , Proceedings of The Life Cycle of Dust in the Universe: Observations, Theory, and Laboratory Experiments (LCDU2013). 18-22 November, 2013. Taipei, Taiwan. Editors: Anja Andersen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Maarten Baes (Universiteit Gent, Belgium), p.148, (2013)
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Nature and Variability of Plasmas Ejected by the Sun, Vial, J.-C. , The Environments of the Sun and the Stars, Volume 857, Number ISBN 978-3-642-30647-1, p.15, (2013)
A Novel Approach to Constrain the Escape Fraction and Dust Content at High Redshift Using the Cosmic Infrared Background Fractional Anisotropy, Fernandez, E. R., Dole H., and Iliev I. T. , \apj, feb, Volume 764, p.56, (2013)