IDOC Members

IDOC combine several expertises with a team of 15 peoples, engineers and technicians, in a matrix structure.

Team Members
Name Grade Functions
Ballans Hervé IR1 Infrastructure and Interfaces
Caminade Stéphane IR1 Infrastructure and Databases
Chane-Yook Martine IGR1 Scientific Interface & Web
Dassas Karin IRHC Processing and Scientific Interface
Dexet Marc IR2 Development and interfaces
Mercier Claude IR1 Processing Scientific Interface
Poulleau Gilles IRHC Head of IDOC
Soubrié Elie IR1 Scientific Interface
Vibert Laurent IRHC Project


Non permament members


Grade Functions
Buttice Vincent IR2 PLATO Contractant
Gondet Brigitte IRHC Scientific Interface
Gréau Anthony   MEDOC Contractant
Klimczak Jérôme   MAJIS Contractant
Massias Clément AJT CDD MEDOC
Mebsout Magali IR2 CDD SPACEOBS
Maurin Loïc IR2 CDD EUCLID
Picard David IE2 CDD SPICE
Simmer Thomas   CDD JWST
Trahin Boris   CDD JWST
Traore Nima   MEDOC Contractant



In addition to this team, the steering committee is composed of

Steering Committee
Name Grade Functions
Douspis Marian As Scientific Coordinator and COSMO Coordinator
Buchlin Eric CR MEDOC Scientific Coordinator
Baudin Frédéric As D2S Scientific Coordinator
Carter John AA PSUP Scientific Coordinator
Habart Emilie MdC AMIS Scientific Coordinator